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Shall We Dance?

Notes from a Professional Daydreamer

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26 February 1984
Now also showing at Dreamwidth.

This journal is a mishmash of fandom, non-fannish media, and RL, where RL is primarily my figure skating progress. Actually, let's be real, it's mostly been about skating since I started in 2013.

I have a healthy obsession with many, many television shows (primarily sci-fi and dramedy), various SFF books and other kinds of books, and classic romantic/screwball comedies. I babble a lot about them in this journal. Fandom sucked me in when I was twelve, and I've never looked back. It's more fun here anyway.

I have a digital camera and I'm not afraid to use it, mostly on flowers.

I like puns.

I write fic, make vids (both also available at the AO3), and occasionally do icon sets or mood themes. I give blanket permission to remix/podfic anything you want, as long as you mention my name and leave me a link. Icons and mood themes are all shareable; credit is appreciated.

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