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Skating: Third back spin lesson with BF today. We tried a couple new techniques, and I did something resembling a back scratch spin at one point! He's given up on teaching me the start-with-free-leg-turned-out method, claiming I have so much turnout that it's counterproductive, as it winds up pulling me toward the inside. Or something. Anyway, we went straight to pulling the free leg up as parallel as possible to the skating leg--which for me, let's face it, is still turned out 90% of the time--and it's going better.

Humira: I had a miserable weekend where I couldn't go on after about 90 minutes of shopping (admittedly, this was after I spent $50 on Christmas tree ornaments, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise), then Monday and Tuesday were much better than usual. Today, eh, back to normal. I just took my third shot, so I'm starting week five. Eight more weeks before we can declare it a success or a failure. One of the common side effects is a sore throat, and unfortunately it's one I've got. About three times a week, I feel like I'm in the beginning stages of a cold, but the cold never shows up. Better than three colds a week, I suppose.

Fandom: I finally started on my Yuletide fic last weekend. Well, the one I think I'm actually going to finish, as opposed to the two false starts. 125 words. Onward...

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Dec. 1st, 2016 03:20 am (UTC)
There's lots to help with that at least.

Not enough that actually makes it stop, at least in my opinion...

And it's easy to spend $50 on ornaments!

Dude. I must have at least $2,000 invested in my tree. But they're so pretty...

She doesn't help my bank account much, but we do have some cute stuff for the dogs room!

You have a room for your dogs? That's awesome.

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