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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016

[Note: I am icepixie across LJ, DW, and AO3.]

Dear Yuletide Writer,

THANK YOU for writing for me! I love all these fandoms and characters dearly, and I know I'll love whatever you come up with for them. I'm offering specific prompts for each fandom if you're the kind of writer who prefers them, but please don't feel constrained by them if you're not.

General likes: I love shippy fluff (or friendshippy fluff). I love slice of life stories. I really love humor, especially amusing dialogue (I live for banter). I also enjoy the odd madcap antic, snarky narration, plotty adventures, and just reading about characters who enjoy being with each other. As long as it's not relentlessly bleak, I can dig angst, particularly if it's bittersweet or wistful. Holiday stories of any tradition that would work for the characters are fine if you're so inclined. I'm familiar with the entire canons for all my requests, so spoilers are not an issue.

General dislikes: The big one is explicit sex. Innuendo is endlessly entertaining, but I'm all over fade-to-black after we hit, say, light R territory. I would also prefer no character death for any of my requested characters and no gender-bending.

China Beach
Colleen McMurphy and Dick Richard

THIS SHOW. It's just so incredibly well-written, and the characters are so real, and I love them all in different ways. I'm not a connoisseur of war fiction, but I know enough to appreciate that it portrays the Vietnam War and its effects on the characters with a lot of nuance and sensitivity.

I never expected to fall in love with the idea of McMurphy/Richard, but I did. It's the way they snipe and snark at each other, but also, somewhat against their will, deeply respect and eventually fall in love with each other. In retrospect, that's the blueprint for a lot of pairings I ship, so I suppose it's no surprise. Plus, they are a wall of awesome competence, and they make such a good team, always in sync with each other as they work. I can well imagine that teamwork extending to their personal lives.

As long as it has them interacting, preferably with a bit of banter, I'll be 100% happy with whatever you come up with. However, here are some suggestions if you want them:

  • In some alternate version of "I Could Have Danced All Night...," Beth Ann isn't in a car crash and Richard isn't called home. Do he and McMurphy actually get married? Do they still break up because it just doesn't work outside of the very particular time and location they're in? What does their relationship look like a month, a year, a decade, an [insert timespan here] later?

  • Along those same lines, say the 1969 part of "I Could Have Danced..." occurred the way it did in the show, but McMurphy and Richard meet at a time when she's more receptive to seeing him than she was in "Juice." What happens?

  • Any getting-together fic that doesn't rely on the events of "I Could Have Danced..." is more than welcome:

    • Trapped together somewhere during a mortar attack? (Hurt/comfort is entirely acceptable here and anywhere else, BTW.)

    • They don't give up quite so easily in "All About E.E.V." (and then FEELINGS come along)?

    • Another Christmas together in Vietnam leads to something a bit more serious under the mistletoe?

    • They each somehow actually manage to get some R&R outside the country and find themselves hanging out together? I would love to see the two of them returning to "the world" together either like this or after their tours are up. Their reactions would be so different. (P.S. OMG, McMurphy taking Richard mini-golfing. Can you imagine?)

  • Seriously, if you just have them sitting in the Jet Set and talking, or working in the hospital and talking, or Richard dragging McMurphy off to the golf course and them bitching at each other talking, I will be thrilled.

Ned & Stacey
Ned Dorsey and Stacey Colbert Dorsey

Marriage of convenience is my number one unimpeachable completely bulletproof narrative kink. Of course I love this show. It doesn't hurt that Ned and Stacey are both deeply flawed people, but flawed in different enough ways that they can help each other improve, when they're not busy imploding.

The way they, especially Ned, come to grudgingly care for each other is one of my favorite things. The line, "I miss the sound of her voice, Rico. I tried putting silverware down the garbage disposal, but it just wasn't the same," is the perfect encapsulation of this. Hee.

I'm all over whatever you want to write that has them in it, because the show died much too early and there is no fic at all. But if you need ideas:

  • How do Ned and Stacey finally realize they've somehow backed into a real marriage rather than just a convenient arrangement? (I know the show did it, sort of. Your call on whether you go from there or come up with a whole new scenario.)

  • Wacky hijinks as they pretend to be married in public while hating each other's guts, as the show did so well. Preferably with a hint that they don't totally hate each other deep under the surface. ;)

Bonus: Amanda being long-suffering and snarky in the background. That was one of the best parts of the show.

The Matchmaker (1997)
Marcy Tizard and Sean Kelly

This movie is so charming! I'm always up for bickery romantic comedy, but add in a slightly nutty old matchmaker (I LOVE MATCHMAKERS), a fish out of water in a quirky small town, gorgeous Irish scenery, and Janeane Garofalo, and I'm sold. It's one of the few movies I actually own on DVD, I adore it so much.

The obvious question is what happens after the end. Here are a couple of ideas if you don't already have one of your own:

  • Although Marcy says she's not into marriage, let's say she and Sean have to get hitched for residency purposes if they want to live in the same country. Cue wedding hijinks in Baile Na Gra!

  • Marcy decides she can govern way the hell better than buffoons like McGlory and runs for office. Sean is either a help or a hindrance, your choice. (I can just see her saying, "I'm running for Congress in Boston and it would be so helpful to have a last name like Kelly but DAMMIT I'm not taking your name!" and him just laughing at her.)

I'm also totally down with missing scenes from the movie. Maybe Dermot hatched another scheme to throw Sean and Marcy together? I would especially like to see more of the Irish/American culture clash between them. I think Sean's line about Baile Na Gra being as real as any place in the world after Marcy mocks it as Brigadoon is particularly interesting.

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