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Feb. 12th, 2016

I passed my test! I actually got bonus points on the power perimeter stroking and, of all things, the figure 8.

Then we had another Friday evening freestyle session tonight, where everyone was too tired to do much, but G and I played around with figures. I wore my knee brace while skating for the first time, and I think it was moderately helpful. That may have had more to do with getting to take my weekly ration of Aleve, though.

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I have little to say about recent episodes of Agent Carter and X-Files, save this: Leave it to Glen Morgan to make a chirpy mid-twentieth century song COMPLETELY CREEPY. Heh.

My Bronze Moves in the Field test is tomorrow morning. The scheduling gods smiled on me again and it's not until nine o'clock. (It could've been as early as six.) I was originally going to take the day off, but then NIH decided to have a conference call I really need to attend that day, so it's off to work for me once I'm done. Then back to the rink that evening to practice and meet/possibly do some kind of group class with a dance coach BF is trying to recruit to the area.

Hopefully my abdomen will hold up. PT has been rough lately. Slightly TMICollapse )

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I tried out alternating mazurkas into a split jump into a toe loop today. It felt pretty good; hope it looks the same way, because I think it would go nicely with the plinky bits at the beginning of my program music. Depending on how well I stick the landing of the split jump, I can aaaaaalmost go into the toe loop without having to put my left foot down and stabilize for a second before I start the inside three turn into the toe loop.

After that I went to the grocery store and bought a knee brace for my left knee, because I can stand it no longer. I think I may actually be unconsciously compensating for it and thus making my right SI joint hurt. Bah. The brace feels nice now, but the pain is intermittent (classic chondromalacia returning), so it could be a coincidence. We shall see.

I also bought some excellent orange ginger herbal tea and some chocolate-covered pretzels, because they were on sale and tasty. Yum.

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Feb. 5th, 2016

P and I decided to go for the Amelie piece for my Bronze program. It also just squeaks in under the limit for a Pre-Bronze competitive program, so I could do it at the adult competition in Atlanta this September. Efficiency!

My loop jump is almost there. I'm really just two-footing the landing now. Especially after my lesson tonight, I'm getting up and all the way around, rather than jumping up and remaining facing the same direction.

I started attempting a back sit spin, since back scratch spins are going so dismally. It's...half a revolution better, I suppose. On my sharpening a couple weeks ago, B appears to have moved the rocker back a few millimeters, which is really not helping. It may be just the profile flattening out, but P agrees there shouldn't be such an abrupt change. However, my options in this town are limited. Grrr argh.

Bronze moves test is in a week at what I suspect will be horrible o'clock in the morning. (Moves in the field are turns and edges in specific patterns; everything but jumps and spins, basically.) My cerebrum recognizes I'm more than ready for it, even if I get nervous again and get stiff, but my lizard brain still feels unprepared. On the other hand, nothing like what happened during my Pre-Bronze freeskate test can happen this time. I no longer have the relevant organs. Yay!

(Now I just have to worry about my knees and my hips falling apart. Everything hurts this week. I'm thinking about getting two knee braces and wearing them to keep my kneecaps from floating around. Add that to the SI belt and I will be the bionic woman.)

There was a surprise evening session at Other Rink tonight, and it was awesome. Lots of people, but very orderly. I'm hoping it shows management that we could support a few weeknight sessions, because then I could actually go to them. The adults went out to dinner after at a place that serves generic Tex Mex and several interesting dishes from the Yucatan, including "pre-hispanic" dishes that were quite tasty.

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Today my physical therapist worked over my abdomen, and by that I mean I was hitting the good drugs the moment I got home, wow. I discovered yesterday that I have spots there that feel exactly like it does when you pop bubble wrap, which neither of us thought were a good thing, so she tried to make them go away. It wasn't bad while she was poking around in there, but after--yikes. She thinks a lot of it, especially the ropey feeling of the entirety of my abdomen (apparently this is not normal?) could be due to being blown up with gas for two laparoscopic procedures inside of three weeks this summer.

She also said I might never need to/want to resume my inner thigh strengthening exercises, because the connective tissue is so loose that the muscles will immediately knot up if I push it, or something like that. I didn't really understand and need to ask her what that meant next week.

(Sometimes I wonder about the hypermobility type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The doctor who gave me my SI cortisone shots suggested that possibility, and a lot of the symptoms fit. But it seems like my manifestations of them are on the spectrum of normal, and people who have this condition have problems that are far beyond said spectrum. All of my stuff that could point to EDS is also not uncommon on its own.)

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I should get an X-Files icon again

Yes, this is the X-Files I missed. Darin Morgan should write all the episodes. Light spoilersCollapse )

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X-Files and meme

Yes, yes indeed the second episode of the tenth season of X-Files is much better than the first one, if only because spoilersCollapse )


An AO3 Stats meme stolen from [personal profile] lizbee:

1. Your 3 fanfics with the most comments:
All of these are Yuletide fics, which is unsurprising. I hit the jackpot occasionally with a source that lots of people know, but there isn't much fic for.

"Moves in the Field" (40) - The Cutting Edge, Doug brings Kate to visit Minnesota after the movie, told from Walter's POV.

"My Late Enchantments Still in Brilliant Colors Shine" (31) - Susan Ivanova vs. a technomage.

"The Case of the Missing Martini Olive" (28) - The Thin Man, Nick and Nora banter and fluff.

2. Your 3 fanfics with the most kudos:
Agent Carter fans are very kudos-happy.

"Pigtails and Inkwells" (213) - Thompson pulls Carter's pigtails.

"Necessary" (197) - Thompson helps Carter out of a jam; she goes right on mouthing off at him.

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (123) - "'We'? I fail to recall the point at which I was brought into this baby-making enterprise of yours."

3. Your oldest fanfic:
The oldest one I will admit to is a Farscape fractured fairy tale, "Cinder Rocket-Jockey." Featuring Crichton as Cinderella, Rygel as the fairy godmother, and Aeryn as Prince Not-Very-Charming. From all the way back in 1999!

(Speaking of fanfic I will not admit to, oh my god, I wrote my first fanfic twenty years ago this year. TWENTY YEARS.)

4. Your latest fanfic:
"What Happens in San Jose" - Cupid fic for Yuletide. Trevor tags along to Claire's high school reunion as her totally-just-friends date. Things do not go as planned.

5. Your proudest fanfic:
Right now I'm going to go with my China Beach epic, "The Future an Affirmation," or how McMurphy and Richard made a quarter century of marriage work after Vietnam. Told backwards, as a bonus.

6. Your longest fanfic:
Also "The Future an Affirmation," but since I already used that, number two on the list is "Two Musketeers and a Dead Guy," or Fraser and Thatcher take dog sleds through the Yukon to bury Frobisher in a plot from beyond the grave to get them together.

7. Your 3 fanfics with the most bookmarks:
"Moves in the Field" (28), "Necessary" (16), and "Pigtails and Inkwells" (15).

8. Your top 3 crossover fics:
I'm not sure how we're defining top, but these are my favorites. Hilariously, most of my crossovers involve due South.

"To Give Life a Shape" - Benton Fraser, meet your older lookalike Geoffrey Tennant. Geoffrey's going to make you and Thatcher do Shakespeare together until you admit you like each other.

"Monkey Say, FBI Agent Do" - Someone's using inanimate objects with animal faces to talk to Olivia Dunham, and she's going to make Jaye Tyler tell her what's going on.

"Lovers and Madmen (and also Canadians)" - Trevor Hale matchmakes Fraser and Thatcher, with predictably absurd results.

9. Your favourite characters to write in fanfic:
According to AO3, I spend most of my time writing about Susan Ivanova, Benton Fraser, Meg Thatcher, and Michael Garibaldi. No one is surprised. I quite like all of them.

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Agent Carter 2.03: "Better Angels"

SpoilersCollapse )

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PT for those with an interest

More adventures in pelvic physical therapy, for the curious. I'm still on the once a week plan, but if things continue to go well, I might be able to ratchet down and eventually quit. We'll see. The muscles stopped spasming and setting off my bladder early last week, which was a blessing. I've actually felt pretty good for a while and hope it continues forever.

Now we're seeing if a lift in my left shoe does anything good for my remaining abdominal-area pain. My pelvis does feel in better alignment--my hips are now almost the same height!--but I don't know that it's better enough to be worth the blinding pain in my left knee. (Or the lack of arch support in my left foot, for that matter, but that's fixable if I decide to go permanent and get a custom orthotic instead of a cheap Dr. Scholl's gel heel lift.) I wore it for about four hours on Thursday and another four yesterday, and I hit the tramadol immediately when I got home yesterday. If it keeps up like that, there's no way; if this is just an adjustment period that will end in a week or two, I could do it. No longer than that, though.

My therapist also did an inner thigh release yesterday and OH DEAR GOD did that hurt, even at the lightest possible pressure. I guess I have knots there. Yowie. Now I'm to use my poor man's foam roller (large beads on a stick) on those areas after skating and ditch the inner thigh strengthening exercises for a week.

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Yet another reason to detest football

Of all the things about the X-Files I missed, delays due to sports was not one of them.

Guess I'm watching online tomorrow. Now it's going to end after my self-imposed-because-I-want-to-be-conscious-at-work-tomorrow bedtime.

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Snowy snow snow

It's been overshadowed, as usual, by what the same storm system's doing to the east coast, but Nashville got its biggest snowstorm in almost fifteen years yesterday. We topped out at eight inches. It snowed from about 7 AM to after 9 PM, which I don't remember ever seeing down here. It was quite impressive.

I took a lot of pictures. The first several are from about 10 AM yesterday morning, when we had 3-4 inches. The middle ones are from 3 PM or so, when we were up to almost 6". The last few are from just now, when the sun came out.

Click for pics

The only downside is that I can't skate today and probably won't be able to skate tomorrow afternoon, unless there's some serious melting today and tomorrow. Poo.

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Agent Carter 2.01 and 2.02

Yaaaay, Agent Carter's back and it's awesome!

SpoilersCollapse )

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Well, it finally happened. Last night at practice, as I was warming up with some forward cross rolls, I caught a toe pick and did a spectacular belly flop onto the ice.

I hit my stomach and the natural padding on my chest and slid...well, I was just past the blue line when I fell, and I came to a stop pretty close to the hockey circle on that side, so probably a good 10-15 feet. I felt all the air go out of my lungs. Thankfully I didn't hit my chin or try to brace myself with my hands. Still, I was very much The Adult Skater Everyone Thinks Is Horribly Injured for a few seconds. BF, who was coaching about ten feet away, was there immediately, patting down my back and asking if I could breathe, was dizzy, etc. I was quite the spectacle. I got up and skated it off, though, albeit with much reduced power on, well, everything because I'd been spooked pretty badly.

Today, of course, my abdomen hurts, my boobs hurt, and my shoulders are terribly stiff. It wasn't that bad (not worth using up one of my two weekly doses of Aleve) until the drive home, when the seatbelt started giving me trouble. However, I still have some tramadol, so I've taken that and will soon float off in a haze of not-very-good-but-better-than-nothing painkilling sleepiness. Strangely, the bruise I thought I saw a shadow of all over my stomach last night never materialized, but I have a small one at the very top of my left thigh. I also have a bruise on my right knee, which I don't remember hitting, but must have on the way down.

Some days I am definitely reminded why most people who do this are kids. Kids bounce. I do not.

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Loops and librarians

Today I landed something close to a loop on one foot. Sure, I was facing forward because I hadn't really rotated, but it was on one foot!

Oh, this jump. Bane of my life.

I also started a forward camel-sit combination spin, much to my surprise. P pronounced my leg height on the camel high enough (FINALLY), and then was like, "Oooh, now you can do a combination spin! Just go into a sit spin after it," and I laughed, because how would that even work, and...it did, sort of? The sit part's a mess, but it actually rotates in something that, while significantly poorer in position than my plain sit spin, at least makes vague reference to it.


I finished the second/most current season of The Librarians just now. Okay, so the last episode was all kinds of nonsense and they were making things up as they went along (Eve as the Lady of the garden pond Lake because why not?), but Flynn got his adorable dog sword back and I'm happy! Also, I enjoyed that they exorcised Prospero by way of literary criticism, which seems entirely apt for this kind of show.

Also, I enjoyed the Northern Exposure reference in the previous episode (Cicely, Washington). They know the way to my heart. Cassandra has also gotten much more bearable, but that special effects visualization of her doing math has got to go. And while it has almost no textual basis, I admit like Eve/Flynn. She makes him a halfway bearable character, and they're just...they're rather sweet together. Although I would totally ship Eve with Jake and/or Cassandra with no problems, and the imp of the perverse in me enjoys the idea of Cassandra/Ezekiel as well.

This is such a dumb show, but somehow lovable nonetheless.

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Real things

The Bronze test program is getting realer by the minute.* After my lesson Saturday, split falling leaf into toe loop is definitely going into the choreography oh god.

But I need to choose music for said program. P loved all my choices, and I love all my choices, so I turn to you, dear internets, to break a tie. Of these selections, all of which I've cut down to the required one minute and fifty seconds or less, what do you like?

And just for fun, if I go to the all-adult competition in Atlanta in September, at which I would compete Pre-Bronze because that's the highest level I've passed and for which the music has to be under 1:40, I think I'm going to do a program to "Alaskan Nights" from the Northern Exposure soundtrack. I suspect I could be goofy enough to pull it off. And/or if I do a Light Entertainment program, where I think the length restrictions are looser, I may try Simon & Garfunkel's "The 59th Street Bridge Song." Again, goofy and dorky, etc.

*Alas, three revolutions of a back spin, which is a requirement, is not real at all. Loop, the other requirement I don't have yet, is shimmering somewhere between reality and illusion.

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Yuletide reveals

I wrote two of the three Cupid fics in the collection. I don't suppose this is surprising to many. ;)

What Happens in San Jose (5671 words) by icepixie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cupid (TV 1998)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Claire Allen/Trevor Hale
Characters: Claire Allen, Trevor Hale
Additional Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Original Character(s), School Reunion

Trevor tags along to Claire's high school reunion as her totally-just-friends date. Things do not go as planned.

Love After Death (4421 words) by icepixie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cupid (TV 1998)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Trevor Hale, Claire Allen, Champ Terrace
Additional Tags: Ghosts, Humor, Comedy, Romance

Even the dead need a little help in the romance department. Trevor tries his hand at matching up two ghosts; Claire thinks he's even crazier than before.

"Afraid of what we'll find?"

"No, afraid of feeding into this delusional idea that ghosts exist, and especially that they can speak through a mass-produced children's toy."

Trevor put his fingers on the planchette and said, "Wait, I'm getting something." He started moving it frantically around the board, calling out the letters as he went. "C-L-A-I-R-E-I-S-A-P-A-R-T-Y-P-O-O-P-E-R."

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Progress on loop jump! Yaaaay! It's 3/4 rotated. I continually land on two feet, but at least I'm mostly turned around when I do it.

P and I worked more on the split flailing falling leaf and split jumps. She was like, "I see this in a program...split jump into split falling leaf into toe loop...yes, I like it..." To which my response was stark, wide-eyed terror, but you know the next time I'm on the ice I'm going to try stumbling through it myself, so.

(Bronze test program's coming up. As soon as I get within spitting distance of consistency on loop and up to three rotations on a back scratch spin. Yikes. I'm also vaguely contemplating competing Pre-Bronze at the adult competition in Atlanta in September, which might be a good test run for said Bronze test program.)

She asked BF for advice on how to get my backspin in proper working order, and he couldn't offer much. However, she stumbled upon the magic trick to make it...almost work. I think. I'll have to experiment more with going into it on a shallower, quicker edge, because that was yielding something different about the spin, anyway.

Camel spin...is there. I get decent at everything but getting my leg up all the way, then regress, then improve but for that one thing, then regress, then improve... It has a lot to do with my hips and how open they are, I can only assume thanks to my hyper flexible SI joints. Feh.

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A very strange library

So, The Librarians. Warehouse 13 as managed by Olivia Dunham?

(It also has that unfortunate quality W13 has of being everything I should like and yet being inescapably not quite what I actually want. I suspect Cassandra is a large part of what I don't like. If they'd boot her off the show, it would improve by 200%.)

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Stickery pokery

Courtesy of rowdycamels, I can now stick pins into my very own UTERUS VOODOO DOLL.

PictureCollapse )

Ahhhhh. So satisfying.

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I got two fics for Yuletide this year, and they're both great!

Some Things Never Change (2019 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Northern Exposure
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joel Fleischman/Maggie O'Connell, Joel Fleischman & Maggie O'Connell
Characters: Maggie O'Connell, Joel Fleischman
Additional Tags: Future Fic

Maggie was just seeking some closure on the eve of her 50th birthday. She certainly hadn't expected *this*.

that's how the light gets in (1547 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cupid (TV 1998)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Claire Allen/Trevor Hale
Characters: Claire Allen, Trevor Hale

You would think, sneers a voice in that back of his head that sounds suspiciously like Claire’s, that a self-proclaimed lord of love should have seen that one coming.

You would think right.

This year I wrote two fics in the main collection. Both are in the TV show category. One of them will, I suspect, be very obvious, but the other may be a little harder to guess. Maybe not.

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